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The Institutional Unit

The Model 5 x 6, or Institutional Worm Bin is designed for use in hospitals, college cafeterias, prisons, grocery stores, restaurants, or anywhere that varmint control is necessary. This fully enclosed system features a bi-panel lid, heavier insulation, a blower to help with moisture and oxygen level control, and a built in finished vermicompost harvesting compartment. This worm bin is designed to deter visits from rodents and other pests and provide your institution with an effective, sanitary system for waste management.

Worm Facts!

A regular Earthworm
can live 15 years.

A worm chopped in
half will not
become two worms.
Just the head end will
become a new worm.

Dimensions: 5' wide x 6' long x 4' high
Insulated worm bed R14 rated
Power requirements: 110V AC
Forced air time controlled ventilation
Vector and varmint controlled
Workspace requirement 10' x 10'